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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Play Capcom's FREE 'Street Fighter X Mega Man' Game (+ Alternate Download Link)

December 17 is Mega Man's 25th Anniversary. And to celebrate this special year, Capcom released a crossover platform game for the PC for FREE. Cool beans!

The project is a collaboration between Capcom and Singaporean fan Seow Zong Hui who presented the "the skeleton of SFxMM" during EVO 2012.

Street Fighter X Mega Man takes on the classic 8-bit look featuring some of the famous Street Fighter characters like  Blanka, C. Viper, Chun-Li, Dhalsim, Ryu, Rose, Rolento, Urien and is said to have a "secret final boss".

The game is a meager 33.8 MB zip file. Capcom-Unity's website is already swarmed with eager fans wanting to get their hands on the game that download time is at turtle speed.

I have uploaded the game on my Google Drive in case you would like to try a different download source. Check it out here.

UPDATE: Version 2 is now out! And here's an alternate download link.

[Mega Man group page - Capcom Unity]


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